April 2018 - NC Landfill Gas Development, LLC

Two landfill gas projects located in North Carolina. Loan to project holding company with an equity stake in the projects; secured by landfill gas rights and project contracts.  


December 2017 - Tarheel Biogas LLC

Swine-waste digestor pipepline gas project located in Smithfield, NC.  Loan to developer with 4 days notice. Funds needed at closing of construction loan in order to allow project to qualify for federal QECB program and $3 million in incentives.  


October 2017 - Oregon Solar II LLC

Three utility-scale solar projects totaling 13MW located in Oregon.  Second investment for additional 3 projects with OR developer. Loan plus equity stake in the projects. Uses include engineering and design, deposits and lease payments.


August 2017 - New York AD LLC

9MW anaerobic digester (food waste to energy) to be located in Staten Island, NY.  Early-stage, pre-development loan plus equity to facilitate engineering and site control to qualify for PPA with NY Power Authority.


August 2017 - NC Biogas Development LLC

6MW anaerobic digester (poultry waste to energy) located in NC. Development capital loan and equity stake in the project; funds needed to make PPA deposit with utility.


June 2017 - Oregon Solar LLC

3 utility-scale solar projects totaling 30MW located in Oregon.  Loan and equity stake; secured by lien on project development rights and cross-collateralization across all 3 projects. Uses include engineering and design, deposits and lease payments.


January 2017 - San Diego AD Plant LLC

3MW anaerobic digester (food waste to energy) to be built in San Diego, CA.  Development capital loan with minority equity stake. Uses include engineering, PPA deposit, and general corporate needs.